The Golden Rod Cake pan: found!

More coming soon — but I just wanted to post that I have finally found a Golden Rod Cake pan (as seen here)! When it gets here I will post some photos. And soon, I’ll actually try baking some Golden Rod Cake or Waldorf Triangles.


  1. Giuseppe Spano said on

    ciao! I have been searching for many years, have found some in use at several bake shops. They would not sell me one. Traditionally they were used to make old fashioned pound cake,the type you would also have in wedding cake. when placed on the bottom flat side ,one side would be iced with white icing the other with brown. Philadelphia style.
    If you know of an available pan I would love to have one for my class. grazie

  2. Carol P. said on

    I just came across this blog while trying to research an antique pan I purchased out of an old estate. It has four triangle compartments, and I had no idea what it was used to bake. Now I know! It’s the elusive Golden Rod Cake Pan! It’s definately an old one, and would need to be scrubbed well, or cleaned with oven cleaner, to cut through all the baked-on grime before being used. I sell antiques, and would be happy to sell it to someone who would put it back in use.

  3. Wendi said on

    Carol, depending on the price I might buy it from you. 🙂

  4. Carol P. said on

    I am asking $25 for it. Let me know if you would like me to forward you some photos. Carol

  5. Wendi said on

    Sure. Try, which should be working. Thanks!

  6. Alicia said on

    Did you end up baking in it? I am curious as to how it turned out.

  7. Wendi said on

    Not yet! I have had oven problems here so I haven’t been able to bake much at all. Crossing my fingers now that the new stove I got this weekend will allow me to start baking again. 🙂

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