Lookie what I got for Christmas…

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I have wanted one of these for sooooo long!

I didn’t get to go home for Christmas this year. Weather was a big deterrent to most of us Beaconians (residents of Beacon Hill, Seattle) over the holidays. This last Friday, I had dinner with my parents before they headed to Belize with my brother and sister-in-law, and they brought along my Christmas presents.  Woo hooo!  I love prezzies… among them was *drum roll* the PINK KITCHEN AID STAND-UP MIXER!!  I thought the package seemed a bit heavy for what I thought was going to be some pieces for my Pfaltzgraf Grapevine Dinnerware… boy, they sure fooled me!  I don’t know when I ever actually mentioned this to my mom, but it must have been some random email ages ago.  I can’t wait to mix something fabulous… a smooth butter-cream frosting… oh my!  Thank you Mom & Dad!



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  1. Wendi said on

    That is a very retro color.

    Ooh, you could do your kitchen in pink and black! Very Elvis.

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